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Brand support

Brand enjoys a high reputation in the industry, we provide each dealer with a complete set of brand customization support.

Usage support

The company provides each dealer with a complete set of the latest product use methods, product maintenance methods, as well as the use of training.

Technical Support

The company has an independent technology department, established a complete technical file, technical solutions, each dealer has professional technical personnel responsible for the use, installation and other technology for detailed guidance and questions.

Advertising support

The company promotes the brand and series of products through network, exhibition and other platforms to improve the brand awareness and make the dealers "superior" in the market competition.

Market support

The company provides business support and activity support for dealers to improve brand awareness.

After sales support

The company provides perfect after-sales service to ensure that customers can smoothly use the various functions of the product and provide after-sales guarantee for product quality.

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Contact person: Miss Chen / Mr.Lee

After sales hotline:400-8633-886



Address: Building 4, No.20, private 2nd Road, Tangzhuang Airport Industrial Park, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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